At Chuna we develop entertaining and engaging stories for children, based on topics inspired by children.

Chuna’s stories

With inspiring illustrations and entertaining texts based on everyday life, Nutty provides children with the possibility to explore and understand the world they live in.

Our goal is to create child friendly content on topics that are important to children worldwide. The stories encourage children to improve their language skills in a fun and engaging way, while learning about important topics.

The content provides children the necessary knowledge and foundations to help them shape their future, work together and become environmental friendly partners, so that they can feel safe and comfortable in their world.

We believe that education is the best remedy against poverty and can bring support to sustainability.


In an entertaining way children get to learn about everyday life and other cultures. The contents are always politically and religiously neutral.

Meet the team

  • Felix Koepfli
    Felix Koepfli Founder

    education is the best weapon against poverty

  • Thamanan Phakdee (Tam)
    Thamanan Phakdee (Tam) Animator
  • Sunida Nisaphanant (Blue)
    Sunida Nisaphanant (Blue) Creative Design
  • Mark Carver
    Mark Carver Linguist

    Carver PhD St. Andrew University, Schottland

  • Heleny Pinheiro
    Heleny Pinheiro
  • Linda van Veelen
    Linda van Veelen
  • Jennifer Rosset
    Jennifer Rosset Content Editor

Quick facts and milestones

18 episodes created

To date we have developed 18 Nutty episodes on topics such as culture, healthy foods and the environment.

Stories in English, German, French and Italian

The stories are being developed in different languages, currently including English, French, German and Italian.

New episodes in production

New episodes are always being developed to ensure a continuous stream of new stories.

Themes inspired by children

The themes in Nutty’s adventures cover topics inspired by children, to support them in their daily lives and to help them better understand the world around them.

Nutty’s adventures