• Nutty in her rubber ring, ready to go in the water
  • Nutty making a cake
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Fun and engaging books for children

Chuna develops entertaining books, videos and activities for children with educational value, based on topics proposed by children.

In an entertaining way children learn about everyday life and other cultures. The children’s books are always politically and religiously neutral.

Each children’s book includes a corresponding video to combine reading and listening skills into a fun experience. Colouring activities and other games based on each book keep children busy for hours, while deepening their understanding of the topic.

Nutty ready to go for a walk

Meet Nutty and her friends

Nutty loves to play and have fun. She’s always discovering new things with her friends. Nutty travels around the world, discovering amazing places and meeting wonderful people. In the many countries she’s already visited, Nutty has learnt about different cultures.

Nutty will tell you all about her experiences in her stories.


Nutty learns to draw

Learn a new skill

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Parents guides and teachers manuals for each episode allow you to make the most of the stories, both in a home or school setting.

Nutty ready to go for a walk

Nutty goes to Paris

Learn about travel

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What people say

  • In my opinion, the children are encouraged to develop their professional and interdisciplinary skills through the Nutty stories. Their self-image is strengthened through reflective questions and extended activities.

    Filomena Farina Teacher
  • In general the children like the Nutty character and find her entertaining. The simple sentences in the books are easy for the children to understand. The illustrations keep the children engaged. I can recommend the Nutty books to complement lessons for any primary school.

    Michaela Kreiliger Primary school teacher
  • The themes that have been chosen for these books are to encourage development of the children towards a worldly outlook.  Each theme is chosen to help the children develop a good social balance in life. The content provides children the necessary knowledge and foundations to help them shape their future, work together and become environmental friendly partners, so that they can feel safe and comfortable in their world.

    Linda van Veelen English tutor for children

Make the most of the books

Nutty’s adventures are fun books for children with educational value that can easily be integrated into preschool and primary school lessons. The teachers guides provide ideas on how to make the most of the books. Guides are also available for parents to help create an engaging experience for their children.

Books are currently available in English and German.

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Nutty’s adventures